Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Baitadi, Nepal

Do you want to know top 6 best places to visit in Baitadi?

Baitadi district is one of 77 districts of Nepal. A village of Baitadi named Jhulaghat is located on the Nepal-India border. Likewise, there is the Mahakali river, the famous river of Nepal in the west of Baitadi.

People from different communities including Brahmin, Chhetri, Kami, and Tharu live in this district still there is unity and respect between them.

Baitadi has cultural diversity and also rich in natural resources. They celebrate ‘Gaura Parva’ as a major festival. And also they celebrate Dashain and Tihar with sacrificing the Goats and Buffaloes to the God and Goddess.

It is one of the developing tourism districts in Nepal. There is a large number of rivers, temples, hills, and waterfalls. At the same time, Tripurasundari Temple, Ninglasaini Bhagawati Temple, and Ishori Gangadham are the major attraction for tourists in Baitadi.

Baitadi district lies at a distance of 849 kilometers from Kathmandu valley. There are 4 municipalities and 6 rural municipalities.

Local people of the Baitadi district are active on the internet. People say that most of the users of Namaste, Ncel, smartphones are from Baitadi. They grow millet, corn, wheat, and rice as the major crops. They also grow the Soapnut tree and use it as soup.

If you are planning to visit the western districts of Nepal then don’t miss visiting the Baitadi district.

In this article, we will share with you the best places to visit in Baitadi.

The list of best places that you can visit in Baitadi are:-

1. Tripurasundari Devi

One of the famous Hindu Temple in Nepal is Tripurasundari Devi. It is the most visited temple.  

The large number of Hindu followers and worshipers of Bhagawati visit the temple, especially during festivals. Sakranti, Poornima, Gaura, Dashain (greatest festival of Nepal) are major festivals for the devotee.

It takes about 15 minutes on drive to reach the temple from the headquarter of Baitadi.

Tripurarisundari Devi temple is a beautiful, as well as good painted colorful holiest temple. The greenery hills around the temple make it more attractive.   

2. Bhatana Mahadev Temple

Bhatana Mahadev Temple is a religious heritage site located in Bhatana VDC, Baitadi. Temple is at the remote site, so it has a transportation problem. We have to walk up to Temple. If you are in Baitadi then please visit this temple at least once.

3. Nagarjun Temple

Nagarjun Temple is one of the most visited temples in Nepal. It is located on the top of a hill in Baitadi. There is a good transportation service. Visitors can also reach here easily on the trek.

“Nakthara” is a local name of Nagarjun Temple. It situates in Divdya village, southeast of the district. The temple offers beautiful views of hills, mountains, and villages.

The temple devotes to the Hindu Lord Shiva. There is a large number of trees including pine trees around the temple which makes it more beautiful. The temple gets a large number of visitors and worshipers mainly in Dashain and other festivals.

4. Ishori Gangadham:

Ishori Gangadham is a famous religious heritage in Baitadi, Nepal. Due to not available for vehicles, visitors have to walk to visit this place. It has a well-designed entry gate and full of natural beauty.

It is a Hindu temple and a famous place for followers of Lord Shiva. A river is flowing near to the temple. The temple is on the lap of big greenery hills seems like a valley.

The temple gets a big celebration during Mahashivaratri, a special night to worship Lord Shiva. 

If you are looking for a peaceful place, then Ishori Gangadham can be the best choice.

5. Jhulaghat

Jhulaghat is one of the most visited villages in Baitadi, Nepal. It is a Nepal-India border point and a well-developing town. There is a customs checkpoint for the export and import of goods.

This village situates at the bank of the Kali River. The Kali river is also famous for rafting. There is a beautiful suspension bridge just above the water to cross the river.

The greenery hills and hard geographical condition makes the village more attractive. It is the best trip destination for adventure and nature lovers.

6. Mahesani Temple

Mahesani Temple is one of the major attractions of Jhulaghat village in Baitadi. It is located near to Kali river.

The Temple itself is so beautiful. The big greenery hills, suspension bridge, and Kali River make it more attractive.

It gets a large number of native and foreign visitors all the time. Most of the worshipers come to the Mahesani Temple during the festivals.

We hope this article helped you to find the best places to visit in Baitadi, Nepal.

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